You know that superior professional development and training is among the top 3 drivers of employee engagement and retention. 


You believe in continuous improvement, but you can't run the training AND the business effectively by yourself.


You need experienced subject-matter experts (SME) to deliver impactful and relevant skill development that doesn't just feel has to "yield good" too!

Whether you're looking for a SME to interview for a podcast, TV or Radio segment - or you're looking for a disruptive boost to your bottom line - Gregory has programs that fit almost every budget and skill-level. 

From Board Development Retreats to Emerging Leaders, his programming addresses the #1 issue facing the world right now:  If you're not proactively disrupting you're about to be negatively disrupted. do we disrupt effectively when we're being asked to do more with less...and there don't seem to be enough hours in the day? 

That's where the real fun begins!


  • Virtual or In-Person

  • Perfect for Young Leaders, Board Members, Leadership Teams, Sales Leaders

  • Half-Day up to 3 Day Programs Available