If you can't define it, how can you do it? 


Gregory has done it professionally - working in sales and management roles with some of the largest organizations on the planet he has seen how organizations change (and don't change) effectively...and yet he never felt connected to the professional sector. 

His connection was was to music. 

Working 12 years in the professional entertainment business, performing on 5 continents, Gregory learned more about disruption and creativity than most people do in a lifetime.  

And he backs it up with ongoing education and certifications in Positive Psychology, Philosophy, Behavioral Economics, and NeuroAxiology...literally combining all that knowledge into one bite-sized, sing-along packed keynote that captivates not only the mind and body...but also the imagination of the attendees. 

Part motivation, part inspiration, part "dude, this is the best keynote ever" - you'll have your organization (and your life) rocking when this experience concludes!