Music and Creativity have always been a part of my life.


Team building / Happy Hour Events

Whether it's once a month, or once a year, the data shows that employees perform better when they have a healthy friendship with at least 2 colleagues. 

Imagine your team, company, or association swaying in unison while singing the chorus to "Piano Man" as you close out the best team building event you've ever attended. 

These skills are perfect for:

Corporate Anniversaries

What year was your organization founded? 


Starting with songs from that decade, Gregory will construct a totally custom "musical journey" keynote from your inception, to today; using songs from each important / milestone year to punctuate the story of your success.  

These events are totally custom for each client, and perfect for those milestone anniversaries - 5th, 10th, 15th etc...basically any of the ones that end in "5" or "0"

In these turbulent times, organizations turn to Gregory to provide the "pressure release valve" they need in order to tune out employee burnout, amplify engagement, and celebrate good times!

In fact some of those photos you see there date back to before I could write my name...and before I buzzed my hair!