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Whether you choose an episode based on runtime or based on which picture you like the best - every podcast here is a great listen, and will give you some insight into how I see the world; and how you can use that knowledge to change yours for the better. Enjoy!

A drawing of a man wearing glasses and a bow tie standing next to the words Performance Process and Gregory Offner

Runtime 58min

a picture of Gregory Offner alongside the podcast host Maureen Ross Gemme

Runtime 36min

Two pictures of men, one being the host of the podcast Steve Pappas and the other being the guest Gregory Offner Keynote Speaker

Runtime 44min

Michael Grace Tech Unicorn.png

Runtime 53min

a photo of Gregory Offner reaching for the camera

Runtime 47min

Xpansion Code Thumb.webp

Runtime 40min

Gregory Offner is holding a piano and smiling

Runtime 25min

A drawing of a microphone, next to a picture of the podcast guest, a man wearing glasses named Gregory Offner

Runtime 50min

The Richer Soul podcast thumbnail, with a picture of Rocky Lalvani featuring Gregory Offner as the guest

Runtime 58min

Gregory Offner is sitting in a chair next to a piano keyboard

Runtime 48min


Runtime 34min

A picture of Gregory Offner holding a piano and smiling

Runtime 74min

a man named Gregory Offner is pictured alongside a woman named Bella, the host of the podcast

Runtime 43min

The EMBC Network.jpeg

Runtime 67min


Runtime 54min

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