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In January 2020 less than half of the world knew what Zoom, it's a verb.  

From the start, our programming looked and felt different. 

  • It had the polish and production value you'd expect to find in a major network production; not a Zoom

  • Greg's style was different too - drawing on his experience engaging audiences around the world as a professional entertainer. These virtual events!

  • The content was timely, and resonated with attendees in a way that made them engage more deeply; in the chat and when possible on video too. 

While we're convinced virtual isn't going anywhere, the stakes are even higher if you're planning on incorporating a virtual element to your conference. 

If you don't get it right, your audience will just hit "mute" and stream something more interesting to their mobile device. 

You can leverage Greg, and his talented team, to help make your next virtual program one that leaves attendees cheering for an encore!


So now that you're aware of the quality, you are going to LOVE the options we've got available for your event. 


When you work with Gregory you get to choose from 3 different sets:

  • The Studio

  • The Stage

  • The Black Box

These are real sets, without any problematic green screen technology that're prone to glitches.  However if you do want a professional green screen experience - just like the movies - then you might want to choose "The Black Box"


IMG_1468 2.jpg
  • YamahaFA08 Digital Keyboard

  • Two (2) 4K/UHD Cameras

  • ATEM Switcher

  • Highest Quality FiberOptic Internet Connectivity

  • Customizable Uplighting

  • In-house assistant to help with Q&A


  • Baldwin Cabinet Upright Piano

  • Option to have Keyboard as well

  • Up to Three (3) 4K/UHD Cameras

  • ATEM Switcher

  • In-House Assistant for Real-Time Q&A

  • Remote Crew to Assist with Production 


  • Pro Sound Stage in Bensalem, PA

  • Highest Quality Equipment and Crew

  • Multiple Stages / Customizable Sets

  • Four (4) 4K/UHD Cameras

  • Boom/Crane Camera for Sweeping Cinematic Shots