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Hi, I'm Gregory!

I'm here to help you build a culture of high performing, highly fulfilled leaders. 

This is the question that starts my work: Why Are You Here? 

When I ask organizations this question I discover that they want more than just great products and profits; they also want purpose. 

Your people are the same

They want more than just an income.  They want to have impact, and see continual improvement

As they develop personally, they perform better and engage more.

Developing cultures of peak performers has become my life's work, and I love it! 

Let's grow your company by growing your people. 

Keynote Speaker  |  Event M.C. 

Performance Expert

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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  • Your audience will learn the specific steps to create a new Performance Agreement within their team, department, or organization.

  • They'll have two actionable shifts they can make to perform better personally and professionally, instantly.

  • They'll discover the neuroscience behind engagement, and how to apply this knowledge to consistently bring out the best in their people.

Gregory Offner on stage behind his piano delivering a keynote speech to a large audience at a corporate event
Gregory Offner leading a workshop on curiosity with an audience of senior business professionals at a downtown conference center

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  • Attendees will learn about the 7 Keys of Success, and discover which of the 7 keys is their "Dominant Key"

  • They'll learn how to use our neuroscience-based goal setting method to drive engagement and performance; these aren't your grandpa's "SMART" goals. 

  • They'll develop the skill of reframing, and learn how to use it in coaching / performance management situations. 

Work with me Virtually

Let's be honest, most virtual programming is boring.

If you want a lecture, there's this really cool website called YouTube.  It's Free.

If you want an engaging, high-energy, customized experience that delivers results then this is for you!

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