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Since the dawn of the credit card, consumers have been trained to desire instant gratification and expect hyper-personalization. The thing is, those consumers are now a part of the workforce.

As they bring that conditioning into the workplace and consume the workforce experience, organizations have struggled to satisfy the diverse range of employee expectations and maintain a culture that keeps top talent cheering for an encore.

As a result, disengaged employees represent more than 75% of the workforce, and talented people seem to change jobs faster than ever before. This instability costs employers billions, slowing innovation and muting creativity.


Author, researcher, and award-winning keynote speaker Gregory Offner has composed a compelling solution and path forward for organizations and their people.

Gregory is the only workforce experience strategist in the world able to bring two decades of corporate experience and twelve years as a piano bar entertainer into this conversation.

This unique perspective enables him to approach the problem through the lens of a creative performer, while composing a solution that addresses bigger-picture organizational objectives. The result is nothing short of transformational.

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Author, Workforce Strategist, Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Sneaker Aficionado

I never dreamed I’d be the person the world’s leading organizations turned to for advice and strategies on workforce engagement, talent retention, and fostering a culture of creativity.

Today, I get to bring that passion – along with decades of experience, research, and advanced coursework – into the work I do each day helping organizations and their leaders create a more compelling workplace experience.



With over a decade of experience performing for audiences on five continents, there’s nothing you can throw at him that he hasn’t already encountered.

Running late, running early, running out of time. He’s got you covered.

In fact, he’s been called “the easiest speaker we’ve ever worked with” so from planning session to your post-event care call rest assured…you’re in good hands!




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We had Gregory keynote for our Trustees conference, and he gave us a presentation like we’ve never had before. It was fun, but offered a functional message for our attendees. He clearly did his homework, and everyone has told me how much they enjoyed his session. I think you would too!

Earl Rogers

Executive Director

I can take the discussion about people and culture back to work next week and apply the lessons he taught. Gregory delivered a session that was engaging, interesting, and fun. I think the whole audience was into what he had to say, and they’re lessons we can apply every single day.

Don Avery


We’ve done lots of corporate events, and brought in lots of speakers. I love how everything Gregory does is tangible, and useful for businesses.

Jeff Stiles

VP of Sales

I’ve had several members approach me and say this is the best keynote they’ve ever seen. We couldn’t have been more impressed. I’m grateful for Gregory’s partnership, professionalism, and would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a keynote speaker.

Bobby Cornwell

Executive Director

When the whole world turned virtual, I turned to Gregory. He was able to successfully uplift and close out our first ever virtual annual conference. What a relief to work with a true partner who would help cover the ever-ending list of details for this new platform. He and his team went above and beyond to help pull off an inspiring, virtual keynote program for our members.

Michelle Smith

Sr. Director of Meetings

Hosting Greg as a part of our digital Speaker Session Series and featuring him as a keynote speaker at our Thought Leaders Summit in 2022 were two of the best content decisions we have made to date. If you’re thinking about how your company or organization can start the conversation about transitioning your workplace culture, Greg is an easy YES!

Nancy Snowden

Lead Manager, Educational Experiences

Flexible. Kind. Super smart. Oh and he sings. And engages a crowd, drawing them into his message. Creating actionable takeaways. If you are not working with Greg, or better, having Greg working to bring your event more meaning, now is a good time to think about it.

Tahira Endean

Head of Events

It was so obvious he researched, he prepared, he cared, and he exceeded all of our expectations. I’m so glad this committee made this very, very wise choice.

Holly Munter-Koenig

EVP & Chief People Officer

Greg’s keynote was amazing. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat!

Cindy Clare

COO, Bell Partners

Thank you for kicking off our Summit this morning! I’m getting great feedback from everyone. You nailed it! Speaking for all of our attendees, we had a great time. The message and music were both great.

Megan Powers

Associate Director, Events

Gregory was truly the complete package: inspirational, informative and entertaining with exceptional story-telling!

Debbie Deissroth

Education Director, TriState HRMA

Over the years I have heard many speakers, some better than others. Gregory’s one of the best! I noticed that no one left early or was looking at their phones.

David Hess

President, Audere Ventures

I had high expectations for his program, and Gregory exceed them. This was something very unique for us, very refreshing and entertaining, and the timing of the message was fantastic!

Duane Smith

Education Director, IPRA

“It's as if Billy Joel & Simon Sinek co-wrote a keynote!”

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