In These Turbulent Times, we all:


What does it mean to Duel with Disruption?

When you think of a "duel" the first thing that probably comes to mind is a fight; conflict.  That's how most people perceive change.

When you move past that initial response we encounter two categories of disruption: the kind we want to Make, and the kind we need to Manage.


A "dual" approach to Disruption. 

Whether you're about to disrupt, or you've been disrupted, the skills of making and managing change are the most important skills for leaders to possess today.

Gregory Offner, ARM

Keynote Speaker | Coach | Workshop Facilitator

Gregory Offner had a unique life.  By day he was a successful sales executive and by night, he was a world-renowned dueling pianist.  Then, everything changed.


Doctors weren't sure if Greg would ever regain the ability to speak or sing; but after 14 surgeries to repair and rebuild his vocal cords, Greg's voice is able to be heard by audiences around the world in his capacity as a high-energy speaker, event MC, and workshop facilitator. 



Greg spent 20 years leading sales and marketing efforts for several Fortune 100 entities, and he shares his perspective on the disruption and creativity required to successfully navigate todays business environment. 


His experience advising tech startups, negotiating commercial insurance contracts, and counseling business owners on sustainable sales expansion provides plenty of memorable stories to which any professional audience can easily relate. 

In addition, Greg spent 12 years performing around the world - 4 continents, 9 countries and 15 US States - for a variety of audiences.  Hearing his stories of the fast paced, all-request world of dueling pianos captivates audiences; and his ability to integrate that experience on stage (yes, he uses a piano on stage) transforms his program from a keynote speech into a keynote experience. 


Through a mix of speaking, audience participation, and a little dueling piano bar magic sprinkled in, Greg connects with audiences and gives them powerful tools to transform their life, supercharge their creativity, and lead through personal or organizational change with confidence.




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Are You Successful? 


Of course you are, you're here reading this! 


Still, we can all find an area of our life that could use a little change.  


Making that change is difficult, and frustrating.  Consider that 85-90% of New Years Resolutions have failed by mid-February.  


Businesses aren't much better.  According to a university study, 70% of their innovations are destined to fail. 


So what can we do? 

Since the beginning of time, it has been the simplest disruptions that have caused the most impactful results. Fire started with a spark. America started with a boat-ride.


Would you like to find the tiny rut-busting sparks that can help you set sail for change?  



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