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As I work with the world's leading organizations, here’s what I consistently see: We put the focus on growth above everything else.  


In the process, we focus more on bettering the organization than growing our people.

And when we do focus on developing leaders, it’s to make them better at their jobs. Then we wonder why they aren’t truly passionate about working for us.


But, here’s where the real change happens:

When you help your people improve personally as well as professionally, they will engage at a much deeper level.

When you deliver an employment experience that helps them achieve their personal goals, they deliver a performance that's focused on impact.


The truth is your people are interested in much more than a paycheck and benefits. They want improvement and growth.   


And as they grow, the company grows.


Hi, I'm Gregory!

I'm here to help you create a culture of high performing, highly fulfilled leaders. 

This is the question that starts my work: Why Are You Here? 

When I ask organizations this question I discover that they want more than just great products and profits; they also want purpose. 

Your people are the same

They want more than just an income.  They want to have impact, and see continual improvement. 

As they develop personally, they perform better and engage more.

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  • Renewed sense of purpose and connection between personal goals and professional (organizational) goals.

  • Amplify retention and engagement of your people by focusing on impact.

  • Business transformation is achieved through the transformation of your people. 

  • Greater fulfillment and impact from your people.

Gregory Offner on stage behind his piano delivering a keynote speech to a large audience at a corporate event
Gregory Offner leading a workshop on curiosity with an audience of senior business professionals at a downtown conference center

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  • Attendees will learn how to create and sustain their own Tip Jar Culture™️ to amplify employee retention, and boost business results.

  • They'll learn how to use a neuroscience-based goal setting method to drive engagement and performance; we call it Root Goal Analysis.

  • They'll get access to The Performer's Process, a proven method used by the world's best performers to supercharge the learning process and turn skill-acquisition into a competitive advantage.

Virtual Experiences

Let's be honest, most virtual programming sucks.

If you want a talking head, there's this really cool website called YouTube.  It's Free.

If you want an engaging, high-energy, customized experience that delivers results then this is for you!

Gregory Offner delivering a disruption keynote in his virtual keynote studio with professional audio and video equipment