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What does it mean to Duel with Disruption?

When we think of a "duel" the first thing that comes to mind is combat; a fight.  That's the reaction most people have to change. 


When we move past that initial response we encounter two types of disruption: the kind we make, and the kind we must manage. A "dual" approach to disruption. 

Whether you're about to disrupt, or you're about to be disrupted, the skills of making and managing change are the most important skills for tomorrow's leaders to possess today.

Gregory Offner, ARM

Keynote Speaker | Coach | Workshop Facilitator

I n 2015 Greg's vocal cords were so badly damaged, that permanent and irreversible loss of his voice was just weeks away.  Doctors said he had to have surgery on his voice to have any chance of recovery.  And they weren't optimistic. 


At that time, Greg was living two lives.  By day, he was a corporate sales and insurance executive - a career he had thrived in for nearly 20 years.  Outside of that suit and tie world, Greg entertained audiences of all sizes as a professional musician and dueling piano player.  

In an instant...everything changed


Over the next 4 years Greg would undergo 10 surgeries on his voice, each one requiring a long period of total silence post-surgery.  During the silent, emotional rollercoaster of recovery he leveraged positive patterns like focus, resilience, attitude and disrupted patterns that no longer served him.  


This set the foundation for the DisruptionLIVE process, and ultimately the framework of pattern disruption Greg speaks on with audiences and organizations around the globe.  



Are You Successful? 


Of course you are, you're here reading this! 


Still, we can all find an area of our life that could use a little change.  


Making that change is difficult, and frustrating.  Consider that 85-90% of New Years Resolutions have failed by mid-February.  


Businesses aren't much better.  According to a university study, 70% of their innovations are destined to fail. 


So what can we do? 

Since the beginning of time, it has been the simplest disruptions that have caused the most impactful results. Fire started with a spark. America started with a boat-ride.


Would you like to find the tiny rut-busting sparks that can help you set sail for change?