From the first word spoken, to the last note played, Gregory delivers an unforgettable keynote experience.

His work shakes up conventional approaches to workforce engagement & talent retention, resulting in more purposeful, profitable, performance.


Whether he’s your opening keynote, or closing out the event, audiences are captivated by the unforgettable experiences Gregory creates.

People have serious fun when they’re a part of Gregory’s content-rich keynote & workshop programming.

Everyone’s leaning in as he demonstrates how great experiences contain elements that organically generate deep engagement.

Then they’re all taking notes as he deconstructs how those elements work, and lays out the path to implement them in their own organizations.


With over a decade of experience performing for diverse audiences on five continents, there’s no group size too large or small for his programs.

More importantly, Gregory brings the experience to life by modeling the principles of engagement he shares with your audience.

Supporting that experience is actionable, innovative content drawn from real-world experience, research, and interviews.

The Tip Jar Culture


These days it seems like employee entitlement is at an all-time high, while engagement is at an all-time low. But what most leaders see as problems with workforce culture are actually just symptoms of the real problem.

In this unforgettable keynote former dueling pianist and award winning speaker Gregory Offner demonstrates three principles of engagement—found in a piano bar—then he reveals the strategies and stories of organizations who’ve applied these principles to business with phenomenal results.

The outcome is inspired and excited attendees, ready to put these principles into action, and create a Tip Jar Culture™️ of their own.


  • A framework to create a sustainable engagement strategy that appeals to broad and diverse employee groups.
  • Three tools to implement simple, but effective, shifts in the experience of work that eliminate the three major frustrations causing employees to leave.
  • Insight into the question that most leaders don’t ask, but all employees wish they would.
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Booking Gregory was the best content decision we've made to date.

Nancy S. - Meeting Professionals International

“It's as if Billy Joel & Simon Sinek co-wrote a keynote!”

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Gregory 'blew me away' with his engaging presentation style and thought-provoking approach to changing how we see change.

Debbie D. - TriState HRMA

Dueling with Disruption

Amplify Success by Simplifying the Science of Change

You may know that 70% of corporate change initiatives fail, but do you know why?

To create sound we only need two elements: a source of agitation and a source of vibration. To create an organizational culture that thrives in and embraces disruption we also need two elements. In this captivating keynote, Greg uses examples from the world of business and music to reveal the key to creating successful disruptions.

Using principles of psychology and behavioural economics, Greg helps the audience explore their own approaches to change, and explains why most attempts to make sustaining changes fall flat.


  • Discover how to ignite the change resilience that lies within, and simplify dealing with disruption.
  • Learn the two critical ingredients needed to create and sustain disruption.
  • Articulate the definition of disruption, and how it applies to organizational and individual change.
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This book is the perfect companion to the keynote experience, diving deeper into the strategies and stories Gregory shares from stage.

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