Meet Gregory

Entrepreneur, motivational keynote speaker, virtual event Emcee, and #dadjoke connoisseur

Gregory Offner is a multi-talented individual, with a passion for entertaining and educating others on topics which can improve their personal life and professional success.  Recently, this has been in the area of Disruption and Creativity. 


Ultimately this passion comes from his 17 year stint in Corporate America, and over a decade spent as a professional entertainer. 


Greg had experience leading sales and marketing efforts for several Fortune 100 entities, brokering complex Risk Management and Insurance programs for large commercial entities, and as a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner.  Many of these were financially lucrative, but all were generally unfulfilling.

As an entertainer, Greg spent 12 years performing around the world - 4 continents, 9 countries and 16 US States - for a variety of audiences.  His ability to integrate that experience on stage (yes, he uses a piano on stage) transforms his program from a keynote speech into a keynote experience. 


In fact Greg's work as a keynote speaker, coach, and workshop facilitator fills a void that most organizations leave in their training programming: soft skill development.


If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the companies and individuals who will consistently succeed are those who become experts at navigating rapid change and Disruption. 


Greg’s personal and professional experiences with Disruption have not only informed the work he does; they’ve inspired it. 


Greg had analyzed the onboarding, training, and development programs of over 40 companies; all before the age of 30.  Greg explored the educational dynamics of public, private, parochial and military school environments - all before the age of 16.  


And most recently, Greg has spent over 2 months in total silence as a result of multiple surgeries needed to repair and rebuild his vocal experience that nearly left him mute; and which ignited the critical spark needed to transform his work from a “personal curiosity” to a “professional mission” - to help individuals and organizations identify the one change that can change everything. 

Through a mix of speaking, audience participation, and a little dueling piano bar magic sprinkled in, Greg connects with audiences and gives them powerful tools to transform their life, supercharge their creativity, and lead through personal or professional change with confidence.

B PHL Innovation Fest

Wilmington Opera House

Annual Banking Conference

Professional Designations and Certifications Include: